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Superfast One-Click


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Professional NinjaTrader one-click trading tool for scalpers & daytraders


Imagine having a dreamlike NinjaTrader tool that streamlines the process of placing PENDING orders (LMT, MIT, STP, SLM) with just one click.

Introducing Superfast One-Click, a powerful tool for NinjaTrader 8 that revolutionizes trading. It enables you to effortlessly set pending entry orders on your chart with a single left click, eliminating the need for time-consuming right-clicking and navigating through menus.

Our version stands out as exceptionally professional and superior. It boasts exceptional stability, efficiency, impeccable coding, rigorous testing, and comprehensive coverage of real-trading scenarios.

Say goodbye to the hassle of multi-step processes. This NinjaTrader one-click trading addon intuitively detects the order type based on whether your desired price is ahead or behind the market price. Here’s how it works:

  • Ctrl + single left click: Initiates a pending BUY order
  • Alt + single left click: Sets up a pending SELL order

Additionally, Superfast One-Click provides a visual aid in the form of a horizontal order line. This helps you precisely gauge where your order stands in relation to recent market price action, making it easier to place the order strategically around support and resistance levels.

Even when Chart Trader is hidden, vital order details such as account information, quantity, and ATM strategy are displayed on your chart. With this support from Superfast One-Click, you can confidently hide Chart Trader and optimize your chart space.

In summary, this remarkable NinjaTrader one-click trading tool from ninZa.co drastically accelerates the process of placing pending entry orders, living up to its name. It’s a game-changer, especially for scalpers aiming to capitalize on short timeframes. Moreover, it guards against the common mistake of accidentally selecting the wrong option in the drop-down menu.

If you’re seeking to streamline the process of placing pending orders, don’t miss out on Superfast One-Click. It’s an invaluable single-click trading tool for NinjaTrader 8.


Superfast One Click
Superfast One Click
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NinjaTrader 8 version:

  • 15 Nov 2022 – The indicator was released (build new).


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