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[Package] King Kong Trading



If you’re a trader who:

✔ Appreciates the reliability of oscillators,

✔ Follows the time-honored rule ‘Follow the Trend’ as a guiding principle to your profits,

✔ Aims for the smallest possible losses while still securing substantial rewards,

✔ Prefers simplicity & high reliability over unnecessary complexity,

✔ Seeks a method to enhance win rate or reward/risk ratio,

✔ Or simply admires all of the above

Then don’t overlook King Kong Trading – the emerging star that provides the strength, agility, and protective prowess needed to safeguard and pave the way to your trading aspirations.

Why opt for King Kong Trading?

Adaptability: Suitable for any bar type and trading approach.

Low risk, high reward: Provides clear stop positions and ‘Follow the trend’ signals, minimizing risks and significantly increasing rewards.

A low-stress trading experience: Pullback signals shield you from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) amidst the swift movements of the market, providing you with favorable Entries. This strategy not only helps reduce your risks but also alleviates trading pressure.

A robust trading system: King Kong Trading utilizes 2 advanced signal filters for top-quality output signals.

A quick start package: With our checklist, you can kickstart your trading journey on the right foot, regardless of your level.

Components of the Package

King Kong Trading combines two of our BEST-SELLERS: SolarWind – the advanced Trend indicator, and Multi-Osc OB/OS – a powerhouse of triple oscillators: MFI, RSI, and Stochastic.

In King Kong trading, Multi-Osc OB/OS takes the lead as the market price filter, while Solar Wind adds its magic touch by refining the signals generated by Multi-Osc OB/OS to create exceptional Entry signals.

But that’s not all – within King Kong Trading lies more than just 2 robust indicators:

Core Components:

Solar Wind

• Identifies two crucial elements: Trend and Zone.
• Provides smart Trailing Stop to secure your profits and safeguard your wallet.
• Converting Reversal signals of Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap into King Kong Trading pullback signals.

Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap
• Offers trading signals, which are reversal signals.
• These signals are filtered by the Zone factor and Trend signals provided by Solar Wind while adhering to the rule “Follow the Trend”.

Superfast One-Click

• Execute trades swiftly with just one mouse click at the cursor position anywhere on the chart.

How it Works

King Kong Trading delivers the most robust signals, refined through the core principle of “Follow the trend” and the strong structure of Trend-Zone-Signal.

System’s Checklist

King Kong Trading provides a clear & user-friendly checklist, ensuring you begin your trading journey hassle-free and stay aligned with trading principles.

In Conclusion

You’ve understood why we named it King Kong Trading. With its sturdy signals and lightning-fast execution, this package is a potent asset in your trading arsenal, setting a clear course toward your future rewards.

Acquire it now and unlock its full potential!

Software Changelog

  • 19 Oct 2023 – The package was released.


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