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Zigzag Swing Pro


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Zigzag Swing Pro is one of the few NinjaTrader 8 swing indicators that precisely deliver your needs.


In a crowded market of swing indicators, finding accurate swing points is tough. That’s why we created Zigzag Swing Pro, a special tool for NinjaTrader 8. It fixes common issues seen in other swing indicators.

Here’s why traders struggle with typical swing indicators:

  1. They often get swing points wrong, especially in sideways or steady periods.
  2. Swing points can change when you switch timeframes.

Why does this happen? Regular NinjaTrader swing indicators focus on the number of bars around a swing point, but ignore how much the price changes. This leads to lots of swing points that don’t really matter, as their size is small compared to the overall price movement. Also, when you change timeframes, even within the same instrument, swing points tend to move.

So, what’s our solution? We say, let’s measure swing length by looking at price change! That’s why we used the zigzag logic in our swing indicator. This smart move means that swing points are not only identified accurately, but they stay the same across different timeframes. Picture this: whether you’re on a Minute chart or a Tick chart of NQ, you’ll see the same swing points and market structure.

In this NinjaTrader swing indicator, you can set the “Minimum Swing Length” (the distance between two swing points) in two units: ninZaATR and Tick. This means all swing lengths must meet a minimum size set by you, so you only see the important swing points. Using this careful analysis, our indicator is great at spotting the highest and lowest points with more accuracy than regular swing indicators.

At each swing point, you get loads of important info about price action: swing length, bar count, duration, volume, retracement, and more. The indicator also shows different types of swing points, like Double Top/Bottom, Lower High, and Higher Low. Plus, it divides swing levels into Inactive and Active, giving you a clearer view of support and resistance. Active levels are especially helpful for finding turning points.

To sum it up, Zigzag Swing Pro is a game-changer for NinjaTrader. It not only helps you understand price action better, but also makes it easier to spot trends accurately. With Zigzag Swing Pro, you’ll have a sharper view of the market, giving you an edge over most traders.



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Software Changelog

NinjaTrader 8 version:

  • 01 Feb 2023 – The indicator was released (build new).


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