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Let's say "Hello" to "Win"

backtesting addon
for NinjaTrader 8

Create & test any trading conditions that are based on existing indicators on a chart

Your Trading Journey Starts Here


See market's behaviors

HelloWin collects raw price-action information of all the analysis periods where conditions are met, then uses statistical methods to extract valuable output for assessment.


No market restrictions

HelloWin works with NinjaTrader in ANY markets: futures, stock; ANY indicators: built-in, 3r-party; ANY charts: time-based, non-time-based, ninZaRenko


Limited by your imagination

Each & every NinjaTrader trader needs this software to backtest trade ideas or setups BEFORE trading live.

Discover HelloWin's traits

We, here at HelloWin, together with our customers, are building a more inclusive analysis software for NinjaTrader 8.

Chart Highlight

Color analyzed regions on chart to emphasize critical information

Smart Algorithm

No fancy ML or AI, just pure mathematics and realistic result

Price Action Analysis

Use statistical mathematics to produce average price action of the watch period

Excellent UI

Innovative, intuitive, professional, and elegant user interface

Backtest Results

See how your trade setups perform on historical data

Template Management

Easy to save, duplicate, or move one or many conditions


in 3 simple steps!

Create a new chart

Load a chart in NinjaTrader with at least 50 days of data for better result.

Add your logics

Enter conditions from Strategy Builder or create your own ones.

Analyze the conditions

Learn historical market movements for your future trades.

Your system, your wins

HelloWin will be constantly updated, enhanced, and extended with many coming plugins

First release

04 Mar 2022