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Divergence Engine$


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<p”>Upon purchasing this indicator, you will receive Alert Sound Maker ($146 worth) as a FREE gift.


  • Calculate mode: OnBarClose only
  • Trader manual: ready now


This NinjaTrader 8 divergence indicator recognizes divergence patterns based on swing-point analysis. For a swing to be detected, a delay of N bars is required. Therefore, divergence signals are delayed by N bars, where N = 3 by default for accurate identification (N is at least 1). However, this delay is not serious because a valid divergence has a long-term effect, often tens or hundreds of bars afterward.

How can we catch a swing high exactly at its peak?
Only after some more bars without further price increase can we know it is a swing high.

Are you in search of a reliable RSI divergence indicator for NinjaTrader 8? Look no further! We have one that’s not only compatible with RSI but can also work seamlessly with any other oscillator you prefer.

Allow us to introduce you to Divergence Engine$ – our remarkable NinjaTrader divergence indicator designed to spot REGULAR divergences that indicate potential trend reversals. If you’re interested in hidden divergences, please take a look at its counterpart: Divergence Hidden$.

This is a UNIVERSAL solution for trading regular divergences. Divergences can be spotted by comparing price movements with your chosen oscillator, whether it’s RSI, MACD, stochastic, CCI, or any other indicators, regardless of the source. That’s why we’ve named it “Engine$” – much like an engine that can be installed in various cars. When you purchase this indicator, you’ll receive a Trader Manual with step-by-step guidance to assist you in configuring your preferred oscillator for divergence identification.

How does Divergence Engine$ operate? Let’s illustrate this using an example where we employ RSI in conjunction with our NinjaTrader 8 divergence indicator to detect both bullish and bearish regular divergences:

  • Bullish regular divergence: When the RSI oscillator forms a higher low while the price simultaneously forms a lower or equal low.
  • Bearish regular divergence: When the RSI oscillator creates a lower high while the price concurrently forms a higher or equal high.

Divergence Engine$ boasts specialized NinjaScript signals that can be utilized in Market Analyzer to simultaneously scan numerous instruments for divergence signals, potentially spanning tens or even thousands of markets. Consider how this capability can streamline your efforts and save time when monitoring multiple markets, all while seeking profitable opportunities arising from trend reversals.

The “Lookback” feature empowers you to scan the most recent 10 swing points for divergence patterns. “Lookback” is equipped with both minimum and maximum definitions, enabling you to specify your preferred lookback range. For instance, you can choose to scan for divergences based on a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 of the latest swing points. Implementing this feature required the application of a highly sophisticated algorithm.


Key features:

  • Enable the selection of ANY oscillator for detecting REGULAR divergences.
  • Permit adjustments to the proximity of swing points for both price and plotting.
  • Provide the option to set the minimum and maximum swing points for lookback.
  • Offer customization options for altering the color and visibility of price/plot swing points.
  • Allow personalization of the styles applied to price/plot divergence lines.
  • Enhance the chart background to visually delineate divergence regions.
  • Activate alerts when a divergence becomes visible.
  • Generate markers to indicate the presence of a divergence.
  • Be fully NinjaScript compatible, offering advanced usage without creative boundaries.
  • Present dedicated NinjaScript signals to facilitate further customization.


  • Popup alert
  • Sound alert (configurable rearm)
  • Email alert (possibly configured as SMS alert)
  • Message displayed in Alerts Log window

NinjaScript readiness:

  • Can be used in HelloWin Backtest - our AMAZING backtesting software @ HelloWin.io
  • Can be used in Market Analyzer
  • Can be used in Strategy Builder
  • Can be used in BloodHound
  • Can be used in 3rd-party indicators, strategies, products
  • Professional & clean signature for easy calling

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:

  • Signal_Divergence: 1 = bullish divergence, -1 = bearish divergence, 0 = no divergence, 99 = both divergence


  • Instruments: only instruments that have volumes (futures, stocks…)
  • Interval types: timebased or non-timebased, standard or custom
  • Chart styles: whatever


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Fully configurable & customizable with ease



Please read Installation Guide for details.


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Software Changelog

NinjaTrader 8 version:

  • 15 Dec 2020 – The indicator was re-exported to be compatible with recent changes of the platform.
  • 30 Sep 2020 – Massive changes, fixes and improvements were made (DPI, display name, Z order, alert properties, marker string, chart info, property naming/positioning/grouping); alert popup was visually enhanced.
  • 10 Apr 2020 – A minor change was made.
  • 18 Mar 2020 – The “Lookback” feature was added to allow scanning up to 10 latest swing points for divergence patterns.
  • 25 Feb 2020 – The indicator was released (build new).