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W-Wave Volume Pro


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Unlock the power of volume with W-Wave Volume Pro, our cutting-edge volume indicator designed specifically for Price Action Traders and traders who understand the pivotal role of volume in achieving profitable trades.

  • Precise reversal signals: W-Wave Volume Pro analyzes trade volume to provide crystal-clear signals that pinpoint potential reversal points in the market. These signals empower traders to make well-informed decisions regarding the timing and placement of buy and sell orders.
  • Trend signals on chart: This indicator displays trend signals directly on your chart through markers, ensuring you never miss a critical market move.
  • Accumulation volume histogram: W-Wave Volume Pro introduces an innovative feature—the accumulation volume histogram. Here’s how it works:Blue Histograms: Represent the accumulation of Buy volume during Bullish phases.Pink Histograms: Indicate the accumulation of Sell volume during Bearish phases.
  • Visualize Bullish and Bearish clusters: These clusters serve as a visual tool to observe volume fluctuations. By analyzing these clusters, traders can gauge the relative strength of Bulls and Bears in the market.
  • Strength correlation: Track the correlation between Bulls and Bears by comparing the highest points of successive volume clusters:Decrease in Peaks: Indicates a weakening of Bulls’ (or Bears’) strength in the market.Increase in Peaks: Signifies a strengthening of Bulls’ (or Bears’) strength in the market.
  • Identify trend reversals: Effectively identify trend reversal points using the following techniques:In Uptrends: Watch for a potential bearish market reversal when Bulls’ strength weakens, Bears’ strength increases, and a spike sell volume cluster disrupts the main Uptrend.In Downtrends: Look for a potential bullish market reversal when Bears’ strength weakens, Bulls’ strength increases, and a spike buy volume cluster interrupts the main Downtrend.
  • Support-Resistance zones: W-Wave Volume Pro helps identify reliable support and resistance zones based on spike volume clusters. Here’s how:Spike Buy volume cluster: Occurs alongside clear and strong upward price movement, indicating a reliable support zone during the same bullish phase.Spike Sell volume cluster: Accompanies clear and strong downward price movement, pointing to a dependable resistance zone during the same bearish phase.

W-Wave Volume Pro is a potent tool for Price Action analysis, providing invaluable insights into volume dynamics and trend reversal points. Elevate your trading game, monitor volumes with precision, and execute orders with confidence using this advanced indicator.


  • Popup alert
  • Sound alert (configurable rearm)
  • Email alert (possibly configured as SMS alert)
  • Message displayed in Alerts Log window

NinjaScript readiness:

  • Can be used in HelloWin Backtest - our AMAZING backtesting software @ HelloWin.io
  • Can be used in Market Analyzer
  • Can be used in Strategy Builder
  • Can be used in BloodHound
  • Can be used in 3rd-party indicators, strategies, products
  • Professional & clean signature for easy calling

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:

  • Signal_Trend: 1 = uptrend, -1 = downtrend, 0 = no trend


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Fully configurable & customizable with ease





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Software Changelog

NinjaTrader 8 version:

  • 28 Jun 2023 – The indicator was released (built new).


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