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Rev^Out Scalping


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Rev^Out Scalping is our first indicator that was developed with the assistance of cutting-edge AI technology: ChatGPT.

Wondering about the origins of the name Rev^Out Scalping? It’s all about the indicator’s unique approach to signal selection. By focusing on just a few candles, Rev^Out Scalping is able to generate ultra-fast signals that are perfectly suited to scalping-oriented trading strategies. The name itself reflects the key factors that determine the formation of the indicator’s signals – “Rev” for Reversal Bars, and “Out” for Outside Bars.

Unlike other indicators that require a certain price range to detect trend or zone, Rev^Out Scalping operates like a miniature trading strategy that uses just a few candles to identify trend, zone, and signal. This is achieved through the use of 3 core elements: Reversal bar, Search limit, and Outside bar.

  • Trend: Rev^Out Scalping employs Reversal bars to determine trends. If the Reversal bar is Up, the indicator looks for buy signals. Conversely, if the Reversal bar is Down, sell signals are sought.
  • Zone: You have total control over defining the trading zone using the “Search Limit” parameter in the settings. The width of the zone where signals appear is calculated right after the Reversal bar to the bar of your choosing.
  • Signal: The Outside bars, found within the user-defined zone, are where the indicator’s signals appear.

Rev^Out Scalping is much more than just a catchy name. Its cutting-edge AI technology and unique approach to signal selection enable it to generate lightning-fast, accurate signals perfectly aligned with the rapid nature of scalping strategies. So, if you’re looking for an indicator that can keep up with the fast-paced world of scalping trading, look no further than Rev^Out Scalping.

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:

  • Signal_Trade: 1 = bullish, -1 = bearish, 0 = no signal



  • 10 May 2023 – The indicator was released (build new).


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