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Solar Wind RK


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This purchase does NOT encompass the KingRenko$ bar, which was showcased in our demo screenshots below. If you’re interested in acquiring both Solar Wind RK & KingRenko$, please get in touch with us for a special discount.

For those who have purchased Solar Wind: Solar Wind RK is a tailored variant of Solar Wind optimized for ninZaRenko & KingRenko$. If you’re still keen on obtaining Solar Wind RK, you’ll be eligible for a 50% discount. Kindly contact us for instructions on how to proceed with your purchase.

Solar Wind RK is an optimized rendition of the Solar Wind indicator.

In this adjustment, we exclude the High & Low prices and solely focus on the Close price in the calculation of the reference price. ninZaATR is also replaced with Tick as the offset unit. As a result, the Trend Vector and Trailing Stop plots of Solar Wind RK harmoniously align with the step-like movements of ninZaRenko or KingRenko$ bars. This modification is crucial for tailoring Solar Wind to the unique characteristics of renko bars, thus enhancing its performance on ninZaRenko and KingRenko$.

With the above-mentioned tweaks, Solar Wind RK enables you to accurately assess how many adverse bars a prevailing trend can withstand. The default Trailing Stop setting for Solar Wind RK is 60 ticks, optimized for ninZaRenko or KingRenko$ 12/4. This configuration ensures that on a ninZaRenko or KingRenko$ 12/4 chart, an uptrend can endure 11 consecutive down bars, and a downtrend can endure 11 consecutive up bars.

Solar Wind RK is suitable not only for professional traders but also for beginners who have an affinity for renko bars and want to embark on their journey into trend trading & market analysis.

Dedicated NinjaScript signals:


2 = uptrend strong
1 = uptrend weak
-1 = downtrend weak
-2 = downtrend strong

3 = uptrend strengthening
2 = uptrend pullback
1 = uptrend start
0 = no signal
-1 = downtrend start
-2 = downtrend pullback
-3 = downtrend strengthening
Signal_Wave (positive values for an uptrend, negative values for a downtrend):

±1 = wave #1
±2 = wave #2
±3 = wave #3


Software Changelog
08 Dec 2022 – The indicator was released (built new).


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